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Where is the heck is the Birmingham Media on Stem Cells?!

April 4, 2018 by Cayenne Developer

Where the heck is the Birmingham media on Stem Cells! There is another revolutionary treatment for hair loss that has been used in Birmingham, Alabama for the past two years and it is not widely known to the public, except for those smart enough to search for such cutting edge therapies. True stem cell therapy…

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Stem Cell, Stem Cells, Stem Cells!!!

December 12, 2018 by Cayenne Developer

When we asked the founder of T3 Hair Preservation, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. what is the latest therapy to treat thinning hair, he enthusiastically responded" Stem Cells, Stem Cells, Stem Cells!!!". He added " we have been using them, in our patients for 4 years now. Finally we can say we see good results with…

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It is Now T3 Hair PRESERVATION!!!!

June 6, 2018 by Cayenne Developer

oWith the advances I have brought to the Birmingham, Alabama hair restoration community I am changing the name of my practice; T3 Hair Restoration. T3 stands for ' Through Thick and Thin", we can keep your hair, grow your hair, and restore your hair. It is Now T3 Hair PRESERVATION!!!! to live up to our…

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Go to Atlanta for your hair? Are you kidding me?

March 3, 2018 by Cayenne Developer

When we discussed people traveling from Birmingham to Atlanta, for hair restoration, Michael S Beckenstein, M.D. replied " Go to Atlanta for your hair restoration? Are you kidding me?" The founder of Birmingham hair restoration's T3 stated "There's an excellent hair replacement practice right here in town, you don't have to travel anywhere. We offer…

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Excited about stem cells at T3!

February 2, 2018 by Cayenne Developer

We are excited about stem cells at T3!. This new promising therapy is starting to show promise at T3 hair restoration, Birmingham, Alabama's truly complete medical practice treating thinning hair. "Stem cells live in our fat and bone marrow" explains Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. T3's founder and practitioner. " We are able to simply obtain…

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