Tissue Expansion

Extend Healthy Growth to Dormant Areas of the Scalp

Tissue expansion is a great solution for extensive hair loss and traumatic scalp defects. It involves two surgical procedures that require general anesthesia. This method of hair restoration is recommended for a select group of patients. It is appropriate for both men and women.


During the first procedure, we place tissue expanders underneath the hair bearing scalp. These devices are injected with saline, which over time stretches and grows the scalp. During the second procedure, the expanders are removed and the bald scalp (or defect is removed), and the stretched, hair-bearing scalp is adjusted to replace it. This procedure can restore very large areas of scalp – restoring entire and partial patterns of baldness.


  • Provides significant coverage
  • Helpful in treating burn patients
  • Small Incision
  • Proven results
  • Experienced surgeon