Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The Body’s Natural Healing Properties Applied to Hair Restoration

At T3, we are pioneering an innovative approach to hair restoration known as platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP). This therapy has great potential and produces effective results with minimal risks. To start, we use the patient’s blood products that contain platelets and activated growth factors to stimulate the follicles to produce thicker, healthier hair shafts. In a PRP session, the patient’s blood is drawn and processed into PRP.

We utilize advanced technology that allows blood to be separated into highly concentrated PRP. These factors can be directly injected into the scalp at the follicle level or applied onto the scalp after micro-needling. It is a simple, easy process that takes less than an hour. After washing their hair, patients can return to work the same day. There are no side effects associated with PRP.

This therapy is the ideal option for patients in the early stages of hair loss or thinning. Like laser therapy, it is a great option for women who have more limited choices than men. PRP is additionally a great supplement to hair replacement therapies seeing as it helps grafts regenerate. Laser treatments can be used in tandem with PRP.