Neograft Eyebrow Restoration

Restoring Symmetry Where You Need It Most

Neograft is the ideal approach for eyebrow enhancement and reconstruction because it is a precise, non-invasive, and controlled procedure. Eyebrows contribute to facial symmetry, help highlight facial features, and protect one’s eyes from debris. Therefore, eyebrows are both aesthetically and functionally essential. Precise recreation of the eyebrows is critical because any deviation is noticeable.

To create the most natural-looking appearance, we choose hair follicles to match those on your brow (which often come from the nape of the neck). Our team is well-versed in brow anatomy and posses deep understanding of the proper location and orientation of the hair follicles which is required to create natural brows. The treatment process leaves no visible scars, eliminates sutures, and requires no downtime. Neograft enables us to provide targeted results that highly satisfy our patients.