It is Now T3 Hair PRESERVATION!!!!

June 6, 2018 by Cayenne Developer

oWith the advances I have brought to the Birmingham, Alabama hair restoration community I am changing the name of my practice; T3 Hair Restoration. T3 stands for ‘ Through Thick and Thin”, we can keep your hair, grow your hair, and restore your hair. It is Now T3 Hair PRESERVATION!!!! to live up to our motto. The reasons for this are many:



So this is why I am changing the name of T3, I want it to be thought of as preserving your hair, not restoring it. If you catch thinning early, we can preserve and maintain it. If you wait and come in hair loss, I can still restore it, but with more costly treatments and techniques. T3 can even simulate a full head of shaved hair, through our scalp micropigmentation.

In keeping with keeping, growing, and restoring your hair, T3 Hair Preservation provides ALL Aspects of hair loss treatments. Men and women should focus on coming in, for advice, when they first notice thinning hair so the easiest, most affordable, and effective treatments are available. You want to preserve your hair, not restore it!

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